My work is about:


Parameters of the surface and its ability to hold memory and narrative

I explore painting as a language to represent a section of time and place, and to glorify Banality of being lost in motion 

Car journeys


Political swiping

Shaping future

Colour staining the gravelly smog infested facades in an attempt to mask, layer and set back monotony the speed of application, 

gestural and opacity, thickness, 

layering of washes painting as an object 

Patterns found

Vistas recorded

Paintings feed off one another - the residue of one painstaking drawing is usurped by a print taken and a new print begins

The process of recording is cyclical and unexpected

I am intrigued by human touch placed on the grey.

I have reexamined the same plot of land over a 15 year period

Colour vibrancy thickness delicacy 

These journeys sharpen my decision making

Selected Exhibitions



Shells: Gypsy Corner, London

SKINS: 18 Malden Road, London

Spots.: MAP. London 



34 Open: CPG, London

Sunset Flip: Joseph Wales, Margate

Hospital Rooms 20x20: Griffin Gallery, London


Summer Exhibition: Royal Academy of Arts, London

Street Lights II: Idea Store, Whitechapel, London



45th Generation Roman: Blissfields Festival, Hampshire



Welcome to the Pleasuredome ‘Salthill Centre’, Ealing, London,

Summer Exhibition: Royal Academy of Arts, London



Paintings of the Bunkers: Lisa Hauck, Camden, London
Dark Matter: Ginglik, Shepherd’s Bush, London



Residents: Brentford Gallery, Brentford, London



Summer Show: Royal Academy of Arts, London



Wessex Tales: Gallery 52A, Bethnal Green, London
South Kentish Town Tales: Kells Picture House, Kerry, Ireland



Art Park Project: Westgate Car Park, Oxford
Text Driven: Stroud House Gallery, Stroud
First Class Post: Folkestone Gallery, Kent
Another Product: Cornerhouse, Manchester



Hollow Salon: Hollow Contemporary Art, Islington, London
Manual Labour: Tara Bryan Gallery, Borough, London
Teratoma: Ozepes Gallery, Waterloo, London